JJ’s Testimonial


I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis back in 2012. This shoulder pain eventually became so unbearable that it prevented me from doing the things I love, such as exercising and playing sports. After overcoming my hesitation and doubts about acupuncture, I decided to see Susanna about my ailment and boy am I glad I did.

The treatment I received at TCM Acupuncture was the best medical treatment I have seen to date. During the initial visit, we discussed my medical history, and from there she determined what the best course of action would be. She put me on a combination of medical treatments that which involved ultrasound, physical therapy, chinese herbology, and acupuncture. If I went to any other physician, they would not have been able to use such an effective combination of treatments on me. After only a few visits the pain drastically reduced and I could rotate my shoulder without that ”clicking” pain.

Since my treatment, I have seen Susanna on a regular basis (one of the benefits from my insurance Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield). One of the things I looking forward to is my weekly visit to TCM Acupuncture. The amount of care and attention to detail Susanna gave me is unparalleled to any other physicians I have seen. I am very grateful for everything that Susanna has done for me. -JJ 9-24-13