Dr Bartiss’s Testimonial

As an experienced traditional and holistic medical doctor I have had many years experience in working with many different allied healthcare providers. Many of these practitioners are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and well accepted by their patients as well as their peers. Susanna comes to the table with something that cannot be taught or learned but rather is innate and perhaps originating from her native culture. She posses a gift that allows her to hear and feel what a patient’s body is telling her rather than what the patient is telling her about their own body (symptoms). Any practitioner possessing these abilities will surely by blessed by obtaining better cure rates and results as well as sharing a rare yet vital and often forgotten aspect of medicine, namely a patient-client-physician-practitioner rapport.

What really drives her over the top is her desire and need to learn more so as to provide the best of care not solely good care. She is never closed-minded and appropriately refers patients when the need is present and only after discussing options with her patients and offering options.

I have not only referred patients to Susanna but have also been a patient on three occasions and have experienced her skills first hand. I recommend her without reservation not only as a medical provider of various medical and therapeutic modalities but also as a keen diagnostician and look forward to a continued working relationship with mutual patients. Mark James Bartiss, MD July 24, 2013