JJ’s Testimonial


I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis back in 2012. This shoulder pain eventually became so unbearable that it prevented me from doing the things I love, such as exercising and playing sports. After overcoming my hesitation and doubts about acupuncture, I decided to see Susanna about my ailment and boy am I glad I did.

The treatment I

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Kishor’s Testimonial

Susanna Ho is a professional caring Therapist.. She is constantly going to classes to learn new procedures and medical treatment to help her patient..

My wife had shoulder surgery ( Humeral head was replaced and Rotator cuffs were repaired )..After 6 weeks of Occupational Therapy my wife was able to gain 90 % of her movement in her shoulder which is

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Dr Bartiss’s Testimonial

As an experienced traditional and holistic medical doctor I have had many years experience in working with many different allied healthcare providers. Many of these practitioners are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and well accepted by their patients as well as their peers. Susanna comes to the table with something that cannot be taught or learned but rather is innate and perhaps

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Dr Scott’s Testimonial

Susanna is a fantastic professional who can successfully treat multiple health issues by blending eastern and western approaches. She is a caring, dedicated health provider who makes you feel at ease at all times. I recommend her wholeheartedly!!

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