What to Eat in Fall and Winter

According to Chinese-medical theory, people should live in harmony with nature. The colder months are perfect for slowing down, resting, and becoming introspective. The food we eat also plays a key role in the conservation and rebuilding of energy this time of year.

When you think of fall and winter, think warm food. Soups, roasted veggies, and slow-cooker meals are some of the mainstays necessary for building energy and a healthy immune system. In addition to warming your food through preparation, all foods contain certain energetic properties, so eating foods that are warm in quality is just as important as how they are prepared.

The Important of Spleen

In acupuncture, the Spleen is responsible for receiving and extracting nutrients from the food we eat. When foods are warm in their energetic property, as well as prepared in a warm slow-cooked fashion, the Spleen can effectively take the nutrients it receives from the food and produce blood and qi (energy) for the body.

One way to conceptualize this concept is to imagine a bucket of ice water being dumped onto a roaring fire. The fire fizzles out, leaving nothing but warm embers. If the fire represents the Spleen and the ice water signifies cold food, it’s easy to see how eating cold foods can weaken the function of the organ. Cold foods essentially snuff out the Spleen.

The Spleen in Chinese medicine is the control hub for the digestive system. We know from modern medicine that nearly 80 percent of the immune system exists in the gut, so digestive health is critical to strong immunity.

So dust off your Crock-pot and fire up your oven! By eating Spleen-supportive foods, you’ll make it through the cold months with a strong immune system, a warm belly, and a growing reserve of energy for spring.

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