About Us

Born in Hong Kong, Susanna pursued further studies in early 1990’s to set a precedence to integrate Eastern and Western philosophies in medicine so patients could receive the benefits of both worlds.  She embarked on years of study, completing her Doctorate degree in Oriental Medicine at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine and Master of Science degree at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her philosophy is to treat not only symptoms arising from trauma or underlying conditions but rather holistically address the mental, physical, functional and physiological disruptions that are a result of the individual’s disability/ dysfunction.  
Dr. Ho has associated herself with an established recovering conventional now turned alternative medical doctor in Manahawkin, New Jersey. It is here that she realized the possibility of integrating practices could be reality.  She now is even more confident and determined to live out her mission to assist patients in a more efficient, comprehensive and cost effective manner to obtain optimal health through addressing underlying illness not masking symptoms.  She aspires to provide information, education and knowledge that will provide for improved quality of life and longevity through preventive therapies and modalities by providing options to ones current healthcare.
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